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Why choose drCalls as your secure telehealth video conferencing platform?

There are many video conferencing platforms available freely on the Internet that offer the ability to connect one to many through direct video connection. Did you know that often, these providers do not have built-in security protection and offer the video chat through public 'rooms' that are open to malicious attack from unscrupulous people?

drCalls combines the latest encryption and security protocols to ensure that you and your video conferencing attendees are protected. Healthcare professionals have the ability to create a secure invite for patients using a simple interface. These invitations are restricted to authorized users, and the patient must authenticate to join your call.

How can I track my healthcare telemedicine calls?

Video conferencing is new to many healthcare professionals. Whether you are a doctor in an office connecting with patients, or a nurse working in a care facility talking to the primary physician, or an administrator talking to your team, you need to track and quantify your time for billing and expenditure reporting. drCalls has an integrated billing feature that enables you to choose from telehealth billing codes and to allocate your video conferencing time.

Billing reports can be automatically generated and downloaded as an Excel file, a CSV file for data export or as a PDF report.

Is it really FREE?

Yes, 100% Free, no charge, no fee, no subscription. We created drCalls as a module for our customers to integrate into our main healthcare platform, Verified Medical. As a drCalls user, you can choose to subscribe to a Verified Medical platform if you wish so that you can store copies of your video calls, reports and shared documents. Verified Medical offers a suite of functionality to connect healthcare professionals through a secure, encrypted web portal and mobile application. We have customers across North America who use Verified Medical as part of their day-to-day workflow in General Medicine, Family Practice, Dermatology, Aesthetics, Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology and Optometry. To find out more, visit our main website at

What features do you offer?

drCalls offers many features to bring together the experience of video conferencing with the latest technology to keep you and your patients protected. drCalls offers the following functionality:

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drCalls is protected by 2048 bit encryption from your client browser to our servers. Additional encryption occurs when accessing and storing your data and we encrypt all personal and private information.


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